Getting Started with JavaScript Web Development

Choosing the right tools


Depending upon the library and frameworks you are working with you may have a variety of development templates or boilerplate available for you to use.

You can ask what might be the advantages of selecting an existing boilerplate project instead of building your own.

Well, the benefits of using someone else’s project is you can save time. At least during initial development.

Reasons to choose boilerplate:

  • Save Time – The more time you have to spent time learning how it works, so that you can tweak it as per your needs for less benefits that they supply.
  • Proven – If many people are using the boilerplate, then you can trust that it’s a proven setup that’s likely to be reliable. This doesn’t mean that it does exactly what you want but at least you can trust what it claims to do.
  • Full Featured – They offered a wide variety of full cases that would be very time consuming to handle when started from scratch.

Build your own

There are many benefits of building your own development environment.

  • Freedom to choose – You are free to choose the best and relevant technologies for your needs
  • Perfect fit for your team – You can build a development environment that best fit for your team and technology stack.
  • No unnecessary complexity – Any existing boilerplate projects are likely to contain technologies that you don’t want or need. It could be time consuming and error prone to removing feature or tweaking how they work when it’s a project you’re not familiar with.
  • Understand it – When you build your own development environment, you’ll understand it in details.
  • Easier to change – This makes it easy to fix bugs and tweak the setup as time passes.

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